HLICHousing Loans Insurance Corporation (Australia)
HLICHome Loan Investment Company (Colorado)
HLICHargovan Lakhmidas Institute of Commerce
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Writing in The Financial Post, Ottawa lawyer Arthur Drache, who was co-counsel for HLIC at the appeal, warned that "Revenue Canada now has been armed with explicit powers to go after just about any vocal charity that has the nerve to raise or discuss matters that Revenue presumably considers to be controversial social issues." It was not defined which issues are considered "controversial," but it is clear from the decision that life issues is one of them.
The evidence was that HLIC had sent a postcard to all members of Parliament depicting an aborted fetus and organized a march for life on Parliament Hill.
After conducting an audit, Revenue Canada advised HLIC that its activities could not be justified under either of the relavant recognized categories of charity: the advancement of education, or "other purposes beneficial to the community".
Conversely, the following could place downward pressure on the life group's ratings: 1) unanticipated regulatory capital volatility and/or RBC ratio levels fall below 275%; 2) annual credit impairments projected to be in excess of $1.0 billion pre-tax and pre-DAC in the life companies; 3) HLIC's IFS rating could be lowered if this entity is considered less core to HIG; i.e., if they no longer use this entity to write New York group benefit business.
(1) Francois Melancon, << Le livre en Nouvelle-France >>, Histoire du livre et de l'imprime au Canada (HLIC), vol.
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