HLICHousing Loans Insurance Corporation (Australia)
HLICHome Loan Investment Company (Colorado)
HLICHargovan Lakhmidas Institute of Commerce
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an organization such as HLIC which espouses a specific cause and seeks to sway the public to its way of thinking, would not qualify as charitable under the category of advancing education.
In a letter to HLIC, the Department observed that the courts had found that purposes related to promoting one side of a controversial issue are not charitable at law.
In the case of HLIC, the distribution of literature and the holding of conferences was not carried out in any structured way so as to amount to formal training.
HLIC has indicated it intends to try to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.
In a comment similar to others which the Federal Court of Appeal has made in recent charity cases, the judgement in HLIC observes that the law of charity is an area crying out for clarification through Canadian legislation for the guidance of taxpayers, administrators, and the courts.
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