HLISHome Language Identification Survey (New York)
HLISHighland Lutheran International School (Papua New Guinea)
HLISHorn Lake Intermediate School (Horn Lake, MS)
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A total of 51 and 23 moose with corresponding HLIs of 2.67 and 2.17 were observed on 12 and 24 May, values 4% and 29% lower than the regional survey.
The HLIs listed in previous Booz & Co Global Innovation 1,000 analyses were supposed to be companies that achieved well-above-average business performance with below-average R&D intensity.
Since the Forum's working group on highly leveraged institutions (HLIs) put forward its recommendations, the hedge funds are fighting back to preserve their freedom of regulation.
On the other hand, it is recognised that, while HLIs can pose risks for market integrity and stability, they can also bring potential benefits to markets, by promoting greater market depth and efficiency.
A bank should employ sound and well-defined credit standards that address the specific risks of HLIs.
Three working groups were created to address concerns related to HLIs, capital flows and offshore financial centers.
The report calls for further work to better understand the conditions under which HLIs would emerge as a market disrupter and to find out what steps can be taken to help reduce the risks involved in their activities.
Because the Basle Committee's jurisdiction is limited to matters of banking supervision and regulation, its primary emphasis has been on ensuring that the major banks prudently manage their risk exposures to HLIs. The best way to achieve this is through the adoption of sound practices by the industry, perhaps supplemented by incentives created through capital requirements.
The next BAH report--on the consulting firm's 2007 R&D 1,000--then listed 118 HLIs or nearly 12 percent of the total 1,000 companies (3).
Specifically, the group cast light on the potentially influential and sometimes market-disruptive nature of HLIs in financial transactions, including derivatives trading.
Malaysian Second Finance Minister Mustapa Mohamed, who chaired the meeting, expressed Malaysia's disappointment that other APEC members did not go along with its call for regulation of HLIs. "Of course we are disappointed from a national viewpoint.