HLISHome Language Identification Survey (New York)
HLISHighland Lutheran International School (Papua New Guinea)
HLISHorn Lake Intermediate School (Horn Lake, MS)
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We also examine a measure of average insurer market concentration within the state using data available from HLIS for 2005-2009 (as data to construct concentration measures using both Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and HMO data enrollment are only available from HLIS for 2005 onward).
Providing metalling, asphalting and CC drain to road from Yagati main road to Mandichikkana koppalu, Mallegowdanakoppalu and Shattrakopplu village limit, Aladamara to Basavanniah House( towards Santhemarur)coming under the atchkat of HLIS
Tenders are invited for Removal of silt and jungle in selected reaches from Ch:63000m to 85000m including Dy-36 to 48 of HRBC and from Ch:0m to 6000m of KBC and from Ch:0m to 7000m of UBC of HLIS.
Tenders are invited for Providing metaling and asphalting to road from Ch: 4300 m of UBC to reach Jodigubbi cross road and from Ch: 3650 m of UBC to CNK road and Construction of Cart bridge at ch:13km & 15kmof HMC of HLIS
Tenders are invited for Improvements to road from Keragodu-Bandishettihally road to KBC vias Gudanakatte coming under KBC of HLIS, Constuctiono fo CC Road and Drain in the village limit of Gopanahally under KBC of HLIS, Construction of drain from Tammannagowda~s house on Gopanahally-Cholenahally road under HLIS, Improvements to road from Chandregowda~s house to Gopanahally-Machgodanahally road under HLIS.
Tenders are invited for Improvements to road in Junjanahally village limit, Improvements to road in Kinnarahally village limit, Construction of CC road and drain to the road in front of Eshwara temple in Chigahally village limit, Construction of CC road and drain in Kallubydarahally village limit coming under the atchkat of HLIS.