HLJHobby Link Japan (Tochigi, Japan)
HLJHastings Law Journal (University of California)
HLJHaz Lo Justo (Spanish: Do the Most Just Thing)
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For example, a higher N rate and a lower K rate were estimated by the NE method in HLJ compared with the FP and ST methods.
HLJ, Heilongjiang; JL, Jilin; AH, Anhui; HB, Hubei; HN, Hunan; JX, Jiangxi; GD, Guangdong.
Climatic types and soil characters of the experimental sites for rice (2013-2015) in China HLJ, Heilongjiang; JL, Jilin; AH, Anhui; HB, Hubei; HN, Hunan; JX, Jiangxi; GD, Guangdong; n, number of samples Climatic type Province pH Organic matter (%) Cool temperate HLJ 5.
By eliminating it, HLJ allows Sorbo's Hercules to evade, instead of confronting, contemporary anxieties regarding "fractured families"--which are transposed from the hero himself to his divine dead-beat dad--and to sustain his "heroic" credentials as the ideal modern male without upsetting the ideology of the nuclear family.
29) HLJ asks us to believe, incredibly, that the most physically powerful hero of them all is more likely to be a victim of sexual assault than a perpetrator.
Insofar as they are defined by this gender deviance, the Amazons in HLJ require different treatment from Hercules' other female opponents.
The Greek Amazons are thus domesticated in HLJ much as Heracles is, by the use of therapeutic discourses characteristic of the late-twentieth century to incorporate them into a bourgeois, pseudo-enlightened model of the household, an incorporation that not only echoes Heracles' own domestication but enacts it under his therapeutic regime.
53) A male viewership is implied by the Action Pack movies collectively, and HLJ, as a specimen of the action-adventure genre, has many obviously "masculine" features.
Comverse is the leader in the field of enhanced services, and this contract signifies our endorsement of Comverse's technology and services as well as the beginning of a new era of cooperation," said Xue Yequ, General Manager of HLJ MCC.
2 million, HLJ MCC is the one of the largest provincial mobile operators in China.
We are delighted that HLJ MCC has chosen Comverse's technology and solutions for its mobile data applications," said Itsik Danziger, President of Comverse.
2 million, HLJ MCC is one of the largest mobile operators in China.