HLLCHigh Level Language Companion
HLLCHigh Level Logical Link Control
HLLCHigh Level Language Computer
HLLCHarten-Lax-Van Leer-Contact (mathematics)
HLLCHalf Life Logo Creator (software)
HLLCHumane League of Lancaster County (Lancaster, PA)
HLLCHeartland Latino Leadership Conference
HLLCHigh Level Language Companion Virus
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After a patron is helped, HLLC staff record the interaction via an online survey platform (Qualtrics).
Patrons of the HLLC were asked to participate in a brief interview regarding their utilization of and satisfaction with the HLLC.
When asked, nonusers mostly said they thought the HLLC would provide health information but did not guess it would offer referrals to community resources.
Nonusers indicated that they would use the HLLC in the future (M=6.
Over 12 months, 112 HLLC patron interactions were documented in the "user" tracking system: 93 (83%) visited the HLLC at the library, and 19 (17%) received assistance during outreach events.
Center users were aware of the HLLC through various sources and requested information about various topics (Table 1).
Of the 93 in-center HLLC users, 18 participated in a user follow-up survey.
Ten (56%) participants indicated that someone at the HLLC provided them with information about additional services outside of the HLLC and that they were likely to use these resources in the future (M=4.
The triangulation of data from various evaluations provides a strong sense of how the HLLC is currently being utilized and how efforts to increase utilization should be targeted.
While nonusers could guess that the HLLC provides health information, the name does not suggest that the HLLC could provide links to important resources.
After nonusers were informed about the HLLC, most reported that they would recommend the HLLC to their family and friends.
Nutrition, cancer, and heart disease were the most common information topics that HLLC patrons requested.