HLMSHaiti Lutheran Mission Society
HLMSHigh Latitude Monitoring Station (est. 1950; US DOC; Alaska)
HLMSHybrid Library Management System
HLMSHuda Lebanese Muslim Society (est. 1950; Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
HLMSHealth Insurance Portability and Accountability Act List Management Software
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The model presented above is the basis for exploring HLM applications to reciprocal interaction.
Additionally, liver inflammation markers were compared in in vitro monocyte cultures with and without the presence of heat-inactivated HLMs by observing gene expression.
Study design: The inhibitory effects of MA on the activities of CYPs were investigated using cocktail probe substrates in pooled HLMs and on human recombinant cDNA-expressed CYP isoforms.
In modeling treatment effects, hierarchical linear modeling (HLM) was used to account for random assignment at the classroom level as well as any variance in child outcomes attributable to the classroom or teacher (infraclass correlation).
The analysis is based on HLM (McCulloch & Searle, 2001; Raudenbush & Bryk, 2002) using achievement scores from the State's mandated testing programs in Grades 3 through 9; demographic data for the students, teachers, and schools; attendance data for teachers and students; teachers' certification information; and the TPP they completed.
To use HLM to assess the contribution of other variables, they are entered at the appropriate level.
Shereen Low reports He's played an amnesia victim, a drag queen and artist Andy Warhol, but Guy Pearce found a role he really couldn't get out of when he signed on to play American escapologist Harry Houdini in his new Hlm, Death Defying Acts.
Tanshinone I, tanshinone IIA, cryptotanshinone, and dihydrotanshinone I inhibited CYP1A2 with IC50 values ranging from 0.02 to 3.0 [micro]M using either HLMs or recombinant CYP1A2 [36, 39, 41].
We employed a three-level hierarchical linear model (HLM; Raudenbush & Bryk, 2002) to evaluate student performance on each of the outcome measures controlling for five variables (gender, grade level, free-reduced lunch, race-ethnicity, and disability status) at the student level and three variables (gender, teaching experience, and graduate degree) at the teacher level.
The pooled human liver microsomes (HLMs) were prepared as previous study (Wang and Yeung 20111)).
The report provided herein is a part of the HLMs that were conducted as part of the pilot study described herein.