HLPAHispanic/Latino Professionals Association
HLPAHousing Law Practitioners Association (UK)
HLPAHome Loan Protection Act (various states)
HLPAHawaii Lumber Products Association
HLPAHabitual Level of Physical Activity
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On the basis of a previously published HLPA that used a lengthening ligation system (19, 20), we improved the methodology in this study by the use of 2 types of 3' primers with the latter longer than the former to lengthen the ligated probes to achieve a higher throughput.
HLPA was modified from MLPA and inherited several of its advantages, such as high specificity, since DNA probes need to be perfectly complementary to the target sequences for them to be subsequently ligated (18).
Has the HLPA made any inroads in the market with its hard sell?