HLPFHigh Level Pharmaceutical Forum
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As a prime example, this year at the HLPF we saw that achievement on gender equality continues to lag behind global commitment, requiring the kind of policy response we have used in the UAE, from education investment to board quotas and awareness campaigns.
It's important to note that the annual conference of the parties that resulted in the Paris Agreement is a process that takes place separately under the auspices of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, distinguishable from the auspices under which the HLPF takes place.
Representatives from Diplomatic Missions of EU countries the Mediterranean region (Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Morocco, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Turkey) that participated with a VNR in the UN HLPFs 2016 and 2017 will present their relevant experiences.
HLPF is unique in a way that it is rooted not just in UN ECOSOC but also in the secretariat of UN General Assembly.
Importantly, the HLPF, through UN General Assembly Resolution A/67/290, accords civil society a significant participatory role.
At the HLPF, which attracted over 5,000 participants this year, I was pleased to see so many enthusiastic actors.
HLPF is unique in a way that it is rooted not just in UN Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC) but also in the secretariat of UN General Assembly.
The UAE has outlined opportunities for faster progress on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs, by hosting a series of events on gender, children, sustainable energy, and happiness as part of the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development, HLPF, from July 17th to 20th.
The HLPF procedures provided Switzerland with an opportunity to share its own experience in implementing the 2030 Agenda, and to learn from the countries presenting national reports.
In the following week Alenka Smerkolj, Minister for Development, Special Projects and Cohesion, will be attending the High-level Political Forum of the Organisation of the United Nations (UN) on Sustainable Development HLPF which will be taking place from 10 to 19 July 2017.
Following the adoption of the 2030 Agenda, signed by President Jacob Zuma at the UN in September 2015, the HLPF was designated a central role in overseeing a network of follow-up and review processes for the SDGs at the global level, working coherently with the UN General Assembly, ECOSOC and other relevant organs and forums to develop a negotiated ministerial declaration.
Coherent UN substantive support is provided to the Governments of these countries in preparing their reports to the HLPF and, more broadly, SDG monitoring and review.