HLPMHigh Level Protocol Monitoring (Internet applicaton educational tool)
HLPMHuman Liver Plasma Membranes
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Questionnaires were e-mailed to all teacher participants of the HLPM program (see Appendix A).
A total count included fifth-grade students (400), sixth-grade students (267), seventhgrade students (20), and eighth-grade students (80) involved with the HLPM.
Based on the strength of agreement from participant scores, the HLPM was viewed as a success.
Clearly these findings from teacher questionnaires reflect the powerful and positive impact of experiential learning as implemented through the HLPM.
All teacher candidates were required to write a personal reflection explaining the influence of the HLPM on them as professional educators.
Teacher candidates reported impact of pedagogical content knowledge, noting the HLPM improved the meaningfulness of their lesson plan, made it easier for their students to be involved with integrating literacy, and allowed for discussion of how much they personally learned by reading Four Perfect Pebbles and listening to Marion Blumenthal Lazan.
Teacher candidates reported impact on their own educational dispositions as a shared empathy with Mario Blumenthal Lazan, a desire to replicate the HLPM later in their teaching career, a desire to be more professional after the experience of helping in the program and observing students and teachers/stakeholders, and a belief that middle school students' perspectives were enhanced positively.
For the teacher candidates, we believe the HLPM made a significant contribution to their knowledge and that they were able to express several different dispositions both academically and professionally.
Clearly, the students' words and actions indicate that the HLPM was a successful approach.
It is our determination that the HLPM was successful and the multiple experiences assisted all participants in learning.
The HLPM used multiple literacies and a moving book about an important historical event.
The HLPM is a way in which the proper integration of literacy into social studies is effective, efficient, exciting, and a powerful learning opportunity.