HLPPHuman Liver Proteome Project (Canada)
HLPPHigh-Level Parallel Programming and Applications (workshop)
HLPPHearing Loss Prevention Program (NIOSH)
HLPPHigh Level Project Plan (consulting)
HLPPHeavy Lightpath Protection Probability
HLPPHartford Life Private Placement, LLC (New Jersey; Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.; life insurance)
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Seven LH (one low- and one high- proficient student) or MH (one mid- and one high-proficient student) pairs were identified as the HLPP (4 pairs) or the COP (3 pairs), but none were classified as LPP.
One of these pairs was classified as HLPP, two pairs as COP, and the other two as LPP.
The HLPP is a self-administered, multimedia, computer-based program developed for Veterans and designed for use in an outpatient clinic or in a communal area of a hospital.
The HLPP "is modular in design so that users can select topics in which they are interested.
Leek and Fausti worked with the other authors of this article to redesign and adapt the HLPP for both Veterans and Active Duty military personnel.
The study employs personal noise dosimeters to measure real-world noise exposure; ecological momentary assessments to measure real-time reported behavior; and a questionnaire to assess knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of participants before and after they use the HLPP.