HLRAHarvard Law Review Association (Cambridge, MA)
HLRAHigh Lateral Right Atrium
HLRAHigh Level Risk Assessment (various organizations)
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Offsetting rating factors include the ongoing volatility inherent in HLRA s statutory operating performance and balance sheet metrics.
Best believes HLRA is well positioned at its current rating level for the foreseeable future.
HLRA possesses a transaction-oriented business model, which is supported by the use of parental and affiliate retrocession, which has produced fluctuating financial results over the years.
Factors that could result in a negative rating action for HLRA include a significant and sustained decline in risk-adjusted capitalization as measured by Best's Capital Adequacy Ratio (BCAR) model, net operating performance that does not meet A.
However, despite highly competitive reinsurance market conditions, HLRA has achieved measured growth in net premiums in recent periods.
In addition, HLRA maintains prudent investment management practices, where the company's investment objective involves maintaining reasonable returns while balancing credit and duration to fulfill asset/liability matching requirements.