HLRBHawaii Labor Relations Board
HLRBHousing and Land Use Regulatory Board
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Henry Bradshaw was first to comment on the "odd assortment of woodcut illustrations." (149) The woodcuts are in three sizes, large (first quire, first folio, recto and verso), small (c4vb, e3ra, e5ra, f2va, hlra, hlrb) and large cut to small (h5v, i5v, k7r, I2r, 16r, I8v, m5v, n6r, o7v).
The Munich heavy-duty computer HLRB II - a SGI Altix system by Silicon Graphics running on a Linux Enterprise Server operating system - is based on a cluster of 9,700 core processors, which provides the system with a peak performance of 62 teraflops per second, which is 2,600 times faster than today's fastest available personal computer.
The LRZ system, known as HLRB II, operates all 4,096 processors as a unified platform that enables applications to directly address all 17TB of memory.