HLTHWebMD Corporation (stock abbreviation, AMEX)
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HLTH is the World's Largest Conference for Health Innovation.
Although INDU (17.3%), CD (20.0%), HLTH (9.9%), FIN (15.3%), and TECH (15.4%) have the five highest average percentages of firms for the entire period (1973-2007) in Panel A, the actual winners are HLTH, FIN, and TECH, as their percentages at least double between the first and the last sub-period.
Hlth shares closed the week up $1.26, or 11%, at $13.18, its biggest percentage gain since Feb.
(NYSE American: HLTH) has acquired a 50.1% stake in the portfolio of Texas, US-based Elite Surgical Affiliates, which includes three ambulatory surgery centres and one surgical hospital in the greater Houston, Texas area, the company said.
* Cultural Hlth Care, 18 July, 7pm, Macquarie Park.
Healtheon Corporation (Nasdaq: HLTH), Santa Clara, Calif., a provider of advanced Internet-based solutions for the healthcare industry, and Thomson Healthcare Information Group, a provider of healthcare information and research tools, have signed an agreement to link health consumers and healthcare providers to reliable information on medications over the Internet.
Delon (1980), "Salmonella Surveillance in Guam," Southeast Asian J Trop Med and Pub Hlth 11(1):48-54.
(NYSE American: HLTH) has acquired primary care practice DeRosa Medical, P.C., the company said.
(NYSE MKT: HLTH), a full-service healthcare development and management company, has completed its acquisition of Hamilton Vein Center, a provider of clinical and surgical procedures for vascular disease.