HLURBHousing and Land Use Regulatory Board (Philippines)
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Or, you can go old school and visit or call the nearest HLURB office.
He also maintained that although HLURB is a regulatory body, they are very much willing to help and cooperate with those under their jurisdiction.
Neil Warren Patag of HLURB added, Some of the concepts we already had a general knowledge of, but not extensively.
The HLURB prohibits requiring 'the driver of any vehicle entering the subdivision or condominium to surrender his/her driver's license.
To recall, the HLURB (through its Homeowners' Franchising Unit) sought a master list of all AAVA members and wanted greater oversight on the conduct of elections, alleging that incumbent officials had 'arbitrarily provided a three-year validity in their proxy forms.
20 of UDHA be added whereby BIR shall accept the Socialized Housing Certification issued by the HLURB as the only requirement for the issuance of the CAR and TCL to the Registry of Deeds.
Acting on a petition filed by Helen Macasaet, a lady whose house is right beside the proposed San Jose gate, the HLURB issued on April 20 an order for the Ayala Alabang Village Association Inc.
The House approved House Bill 6396 providing that all decisions and resolutions rendered by the HLURB in the exercise of its quasi-judicial function, whether under its original or appellate jurisdiction, shall become final and executory after 15 calendar days from receipt thereof by the parties, unless a timely appeal is filed before the Court of Appeals.
A socialized housing certification issued by the HLURB is enough requirement to avail of the exemptions.
From ensuring that titles from the Land Registration Authority are valid, that the type of development being considered falls under the existing land use plans, securing a conversion order or the exemption therefrom from the DAR, environmental clearance from DENR, obtaining registration and licence to sell from HLURB, development permit from the LGU, and the list goes on.
2009-09-018) on 23 Oct 2009; Conducted detailed wind resource assessment; Acquired various LGU permits and resolutions of support, DENR Environmental Compliance Certificate, NCIP Certificate of Non-Overlap, Contract to Buy with private land owners, and clearances from DAR, NIA, LRA, HLURB, and Laguna Lake Development Authority; Interconnection Agreement with MERALCO secured on 1 Mar 2012; EPC and O&M Contract with consortium of Nordex SE and McConnell Donnell secured on 11 Jul 2012; Project Finance Term Sheet with BDO Unibank, Inc.
The additional requirement for a BIR ruling for every project that is built must finally be dispensed with as the certification from HLURB shall suffice as proof that the project is classified as socialized housing.