HLZHamilton, New Zealand - Hamilton (Airport Code)
HLZHelicopter Landing Zone
HLZHot Landing Zone
HLZHotline Zombie
HLZHochleistungszählanlage (High-speed Counting and Sorting Machines for Beverage Containers)
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The patients were brought to the HLZ and loaded aboard the MEDEVAC helicopter for the ride to NKIA Role 2 Hospital, where the final and most turbulent part of the drill was about to take place.
Two factors provided the CANSOF and ANSF assault force a fighting chance as they unloaded on the hot HLZ. First, landing close to the objective minimized the amount of time the assault force was in the open, something which ended up saving lives.
Toolsets assisted in determining optimal vantage points for enemy scouts, flight path sections most vulnerable to enemy weapons systems, potential masking terrain, and HLZ suitability.
In order to initiate the planning process, Comanche Company assigned 1st Platoon with the processing of AMCITS, 2nd Platoon with securing the evacuation control point as well as the AMCIT evacuation route to the HLZ, and 3rd Platoon with security of the American consulate.
Well, what if that HLZ is in hostile territory and you are picking up a team that had just captured some "bad guys?" Does that change anything?
One, Paul Bryce, 28, of Pentrebach, said: "Working at the HLZ has opened a lot doors for me.
* Tactical decision aid (sector sketch, maneuver route vulnerability, HLZ).
GRIM: Cops at the home yesterday' SUSPECT: Dad Arshad' SC06 HLZ
Mr Arshad, who is originally from Pakistan, may be driving a silver BMW 320 sports coupe, registration SC06 HLZ.
Pero ahora, despues de un ano de estudio y, trabajo literario en Inglaterra, HLZ, regresa a Mexico a lo suyo, a la escritura, a una nueva aventura que significa navegar por un genero, bello genero, que es la cronica de viaje, esa forma vital que significa ir por esos caminos relatando lo que se mira y se siente, echando abajo la leyenda de que a fin del siglo XX nada esta por descubrir, como si no fuera posible descubrir las mil caras de la avenida Insurgentes, los cuantos metros del Centro Historico, los millones de rostros que tiene Veracruz, o las infinitas posibilidades que existen al narrar el viaje al mas peligroso de los terrenos que es dentro de uno mismo.
2 200 m 2 of supporting masonry exterior walls, Hlz 42 cm - 61.5 cm approx.