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HM3Hospital Corpsman Third Class (USN/USNR Rating)
HM3Hollywood-Mogul (movie business simulation game)
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Those wanting to know more about HM3.0 can attend the webinar, being held on Wednesday 27th July at 17.00 to 17.45 CET (16.00 - 16.45 BST, 11.00 - 11.45 EDT and 08.00 - 08.45 PDT).
HM3: Given a, a' [member of] S, a ~ a', then for every b [member of] S, 1/2 a + 1/2 b ~ 1/2 a' + 1/2b.
Well, HM3 Hernandez said it best, "Quality customer service, no matter what mood I have coming into the Ship's Store, I always leave with a smile because of the upbeat attitude of all the Ship's Servicemen and the great selection of products available in the Ship's Store!"
Isto pode ser observado na Tabela 1 que mostra os dados de capacidade (hm3), propriedade (estatal ou privada) e uso (irrigacao e abastecimento).
These results are slightly lower than those reported by Putman8 and Sayed et al, who used Dornier HM3 and lithostar9 and showed 90% and 92% stone free rates respectively.
(2006); HM1- HM3 data are from Humfrey Melling (IOS, pers.
em que: VDA e o volume disponivel de agua no solo (hm3); Ai a area total irrigada (km2); e CAA a lamina real de agua no solo (mm), expressa pela seguinte equacao (Doorenbos & Kassan, 1979):
For the four subjects in Sample A, the customized linked-segment model significantly increased the magnitude of the hip (HM3, p = 0.03) and knee (KM5, p = 0.03) joint moments during terminal swing by 31 and 25 percent, respectively (Table 4).