HM7Human melanoma cells
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In a nod to undersea bioluminescence, the HM7 Aquapod glows in the dark.
Consequently, both perceive the existence of high-level quality of work life (HM7).
A turnkey hot runner, quick-change mold system from Polyshot Runnerless Molding Systems, for the Nissei HM7 miniature injection molding machine, consists of two major components.
Demonstrating a system on a Nissei electric HM7 micromolding press, producing micro-parts with 2-roil double edge gates.
A turnkey quick-change hot-runner mold system has been designed by Polyshot Corp., West Henrietta, N.Y., specifically for the tabletop HM7 injection press from Nisser America Inc., Anaheim, Calif.
office is Nissei America Inc., Anaheim, Calif.) The caster-mounted model AU3E takes up 30% less floor space than the 7-ton HM7 Denkey all-electric model that Nissei showed at NPE 2000 in Chicago.
However, Nissei uses true direct clamping--in which the ball screw itself applies full tonnage--on its 7.7-ton HM7 Denkey and 22-ton Elject ES200 H machines.
Nissei will also show a tabletop, 7-ton HM7 machine with in-line screw injection.