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HMACHashed Message Authentication Code
HMACHazardous Materials Advisory Council
HMACHash-Based Message Authentication Code
HMACHot-Mixed Asphalt Concrete
HMACHelsinki Metropolitan Area Council
HMACHot Mix Asphalt Construction
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The watermark data is generated by computing the HMAC of the original image.
HMAC got into the escrow business in mid-1998, largely for control and service.
An optional hardware crypto processor offloads processing from the core for secure connectivity applications and supports a range of standard encryption algorithms including AES, 3DES, SHA, MD5, and HMAC.
HMAC [15]) of the cover data while compressing it and send (or archive) the compressed data (the stego data).
The AES encryption/decryption, SHA message digest, HMAC message authentication code and ECC-CDH key establishment algorithms, whose implementations were certified, are all part of the NIST "Suite B" collection, with key and digest sizes approved for United States government use at up to the Secret Level, as well as for use in the private sector.
MACs are calculated using a combination of HMAC with a secure hashing algorithm like SHA-1 or MD-5.
At HMAC, loan originators speak Spanish, Russian, French, Japanese and Chinese, as well as English.
Lascelles will discuss the various authentication and identity federation mechanisms applicable to Web APIs and RESTful web services, including SAML, OAuth, OpenID, API keys, HMAC, custom tokens and cookies.
Only FPGAs with full data security processing capability with hardware accelerators for AES, SHA, HMAC, elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) and nondeterministic random bit generator (NRBG)