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HMACHashed Message Authentication Code
HMACHash Based Message Authentication Code
HMACHazardous Materials Advisory Council
HMACHash-Based Message Authentication Code
HMACHot-Mixed Asphalt Concrete
HMACHelsinki Metropolitan Area Council
HMACHot Mix Asphalt Construction
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For privacy of collected data, according to the data collection phase, sensor nodes convert the collected data by using encryption and HMAC scheme.
Bellare, "New proofs for NMAC and HMAC: security without collision resistance," Journal of Cryptology.
Modulus of asphalt mixture, the main indicator characterizing antideformation performance of HMAC, is the key parameter of comprehensive evaluation system.
Here, M is a message and K and ([K.sub.1],[K.sub.2]) are the secret keys of HMAC and NMAC, respectively; K means K padded to a single block, and opad(= 0x5c5c ...) and ipad(= 0x3636 ...) are two one-block length constants.
where k is represented as the ID of the current four-pixel block, [R.sup.1.sub.[lambda]] ([x.sub.i]) and [R.sup.2.sub.[lambda]] ([x.sub.i]) are computed with Equation (4), [x.sub.i] is the ID of participant and the [LSB.sub.3] function gets three LSBs of the value returned from the HMAC (key-hashing for message authentication code) function.
In spite of its complexity, HMAC noise can be analysed as two main types of noise sources: the centrifugal fan noise and the noise generated in the confined flow meeting obstacles.
Initially the Hash Message Authentication Code (HMAC) of the original image is computed using the iterative cryptographic hash function MD5 (Message-Digest algorithm 5).
An attacker can easily build a (rainbow) table to expose the relation between hash values and real credit card numbers if the solution is not based on HMAC and a rigorous key management system.
He notes that the design team is now hard at work redesigning the HMAC system in one laboratory in order to accommodate a pair of "Titan" SEMs, each valued at about $4 million.
Sessions can be encrypted using up to 256-bit AES encryption, 256-bit SHA HMAC's integrity check, and 2048-bits Diffie-Hellman key exchange.