HMADHolistic Medicinal Alternatives Department
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The original nets used were insufficiently resistant to the high winds and tore but a partnership with the German non-profit WaterFoundation allowed Dar Si Hmad to develop a stronger net.
For example, he might say "LLL--look at me, mommy!."hmad's parents are not concerned about his speech.
Judeh highlighted the strong ties between His Majesty King Abdullah II and the King of Bahrain Hmad Bin Issa Al Khalifah that reflected positively on relations between the two countries in various fields.
Hmad, "Allpass-Based Design, Multiplierless Realization and Implementation of IIR Wavelet Filter Banks with Approximate Linear Phase", The Fourth IEEE International Symposium on Innovation in Information & Communication Technology (ISIICT 2011), 29 Nov.- 1 Dec.
Brahim Frej, a procede lundi a Tazaroualt (province de Tiznit) a la remise d'un don royal aux Chorfa de la zaouia Sidi Hmad Ou Moussa, a l'occasion de la celebration par la zaouia de son Moussem religieux annuel.
A study of Burhan Ahmad and Hmad and Khalid Mustafa, Department of Marketing and Agribusiness, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, indicated the trend in the production of kinnow and to forecast production of kinnow.
A hmad Ibn Hanbal in discussing hadith which mentions of seeing Allah stated that the news is true and creates knowledge confident knowledge (Ibn Qayyim n.d: 457).
The team, coached by Mohammed Larbi of Algeria, comprised Khaled Al Husain, Bassam Eid and Hmad Mohammed.
hmad, of Woodbridge, Virginia, will be sentenced on April 13.
Hmad bin Abdul Aziz al- Kawari, Qatari Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage hailed the role of FANA in developing the relations among Arab countries and peoples.
Working in Sidi Ifni, Morocco, with the Dar Si Hmad Foundation--which was founded by 1998 Rice graduate Jamila Bargach--the students used structures resembling volleyball nets with a polyethylene mesh to capture tiny droplets of water that drip down the nets into tubes and then (thanks to gravity) down larger pipes that lead to a water storage tank at the bottom of the mountain.