HMAPHistory of Marine Animal Populations
HMAPHerd Management Area Plan (animals)
HMAPHazardous Material Afloat Program
HMAPHigh Mass Methyl-Accepting Protein (biochemistry)
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The HMAP Working Group format was established in 1986 to support Fleet commanders with the effective management and control of HM aboard ships.
The next HMAP Working Group is slated for December.
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An HMAP working group recommendation was to remove this work-load from the ships as much as possible.
HMAP has been a vital organization that has improved safety on ships while at the same time reducing the cost of HAZMAT procurement, management and storage.
Furthermore, the work of HMAP has caused a major reduction in the amount of good HAZMAT going to the HAZWASTE stream.
HMAP work will continue to be an important forum for providing cost effective as well as practical means of compliance.