HMARSHospital Mutual Aid Radio System (Washington, DC)
HMARSHigh Mobility Artillery Rocket System
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Possibly it was for this reason that the hyphenated term Thado-Kuki was used, but the scope of the mission included all the Kuki groups, which, since the government of India recognized them as separate tribes, are now known by various names (such as, besides the Thado, the Hmar, Gangte, and Vaiphei, as well as a number of others).
Next to be translated was the Gospel of Mark, into the Hmar dialect in 1920.
Dissatisfaction continued among the Bodos, Deuris, and Misings in Assam; the Meitis and Kukis in Manipur; the Mizos, Chakmas, and Hmars in Mizoram; and the Garos, Khasis, and Jayantias in Meghalaya.