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HMBHalf Moon Bay (California)
HMBHeavy Menstrual Bleeding (feminine disorder)
HMBHit Me Back
HMBHold Me Back
HMBHold My Beer
HMBHigh Memory Block
HMBHigh Mobility Group
HMBHome Mission Board (religion)
HMBHome Mortgage Bank (various locations)
HMBHeat and Material Balance
HMBHeat and Mass Balance (engineering)
HMBHall Memorial Building (Gallaudet University; Washington, DC)
HMBHungry March Band
HMBHarvest Moon Ball (various locations)
HMBHusky Marching Band (University of Washington, Seattle, WA)
HMBMetabolite ß-Hydroxy ß-Methylbutyrate Monohydrate (branched-chain amino acid)
HMBHis Majesty's Bark (British Royal Navy)
HMBHawkeye Marching Band (University of Iowa)
HMBHorwood Marcus Berk (law firm; Chicago, IL)
HMBHypersensitivity to Mosquito Bite
HMB3-Hydroxy-3-Methyl Butene
HMBHarmonie Municipale de Bonneville (French)
HMBHere's My Buck
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HMB can cause complications such as anemia, fatigue and shortness of breath which significantly lowers the social functioning and quality of life2-4.
We present the case of a young pregnant patient with sudden-onset paraplegia due to acute haemorrhage involving a spinal HMB.
Gamboa was joined by Arayat Mayor Emmanuel Bonifacio Alejandrino, a former military chief of the HMB.
On the other hand HMB is known in the market for its customer centricity and outstanding service and therefore I am sure that this collaboration would go a long way in reestablishing Bancassurance Market standards.
Alan Minton, sales and marketing director from HMB says, "Intuitive Dashboards is a key part of our 2016 strategy.
Mesalucha, head of Pediatrics Neonatology of BMC said the equipment for HMB is of prime importance because infants before day eight must be able to feed on mother's milk instead of "substandard" infant formula.
HMB believes Louisville market prime for solutions that bridge gap between business and technology
Supplementing AOC can enhance utilization of fiber, and adding HMB probably supplies Met and balances the amino acids to improve protein utilization in the rumen.
The tecnique developed by Higham and his friends has been used to find out the difference of blood loss between normal menstruel period and HMB.
The central bank said that it was 'constrained to reveal the specific details of the transaction but advises that an independent valuation of HMB shares was conducted by a reputable, international accounting firm.
The offer values HMB at 2 pence a share, implying a A[pounds sterling]19.