HMBAHexamethylene Bisacetamide (chemical compound)
HMBAHoosier Mountain Bike Association (Indiana)
HMBAHunter Mountain Bike Association (Australia)
HMBAHotel Motel Brokers of America (now Hotel Brokers International)
HMBAHigh Molecular Weight Basic Allergen (immunology)
HMBA3-Hydroxy-2-Methylbutanoic Acid (urinary metabolite)
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Our cell line had decreased proliferation when treated with either DMSO or HMBA.
We therefore speculate that the EMFs probably interfere with the DMSO or HMBA membrane-trigger signal transduction system needed to alter, epigenetically, the gene expression found in the hemoglobin-containing cells.
These improvements are beginning to show up in recent listings, according to HMBA President Noah Canfield, who also is president of Clearwater-based Greene & Canfield Associates, Ltd.
According to TransActions by HMBA, 45 percent of all HMBA sales in 1991 were of lender real estate-owned (REO) hotel properties.
Research by HMBA through the first half of 1992 indicated both of these percentages will rise for the year as a whole.
Based on information gathered on more than 800 hotels in the HMBA data bank, overall hotel selling prices peaked in 1988.
In 1991, HMBA offices reported 56 REO hotel sale transactions for properties larger than 75 rooms, with an average size of 140 rooms.
HMBA expects 1992 industrywide occupancy to finish at 62 percent--the same as in 1990.
Prices of mid-market hotels sold by HMBA in 1994 continued to move upward, rising to a per room average of $19,068, the highest level of the past four years and 10 percent above the 1993 cyclical low of $17,411.
HMBA estimates that more than 100 large individual transactions, valued at more than $10 million per transaction, occurred during 1994, nearly 2.
According to an expanded HMBA Financing Survey of 50 major financing sources, ranging from insurance companies to community banks, banks are just beginning to return to hotel real estate investing after a multi-year absence.
In addition to an expanded HMBA 1995 Financing Survey, this year's TransActions by HMBA updated and broadened HMBA's 1995 Development Survey, which profiles the growth and development plans of major hotel companies responsible for 40 of the nation's top hotel brands.