HMBANAHuman Milk Banking Association of North America
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In 2011, HMBANA milk banks processed about 1.5 million ounces of donor milk.
Just last November, the HMBANA issued an emergency call for donations due to a shortage of supply across the U.S.
"We are facing acute shortages of donations from morns, the HMBANA website states.
For more on HMBANA, which offers a number of other milk-donation resources, visit
Other methods of pasteurization need to be explored for the preservation of nutrients in human milk although the eleven HMBANA sites use only the Holder pasteurization process.
HMBANA recently announced that all its banks have a critical shortage, making it extremely unlikely that a baby such as Blossom would qualify right now.
(100) In the absence of formal rules and regulations, milk banks voluntarily follow the HMBANA guidelines, which cover the collection, storage, processing, and dispensing of milk.
The FDA helped develop the HMBANA standards, but the agency's involvement was only informal.
Because the HMBANA has already crafted its guidelines with the assistance of the FDA, the agency is likely to incorporate many of the existing procedures into the more formalized rules.
California's statute explicity references the HMBANA Guidelines, while New York's regulations are patterned largely after these guidelines.