HMBFHome Made Brand Foods (chilled food manufacturer; Newburyport, MA)
HMBFHepatic Microvascular Blood Flow
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The chemical parameters of the HMBF materials and silage effluent outputs are presented in Table 1.
The WRC varied with type of HMBF, absorbent used and moisture content of the pre-silage material alone or the mixture, with a pooled mean of 3.
Daikon by-product silages produced the most effluent relative to the other HMBF silages.
Relationships were observed between the pre-silage characteristics of the HMBF and effluent produced from the silages (Figure 1).
The pre-silage materials used in the experiments were typical of HMBF as indicated by the mean moisture value (78.
It is evident that after ensiling, the PWRC of HMBF reduces as effluent is released.
It is therefore prudent that the moisture content during ensiling of HMBF does not go beyond 70%.
After the HMBF acquisition, his second-proudest achievement is investing in talent, he says.