HMBPHuman Myelin Basic Protein
HMBPHazardous Materials Business Plan
HMBPHigh Maturity Best Practices (Capability Maturity Model Integration)
HMBPHome Monitoring of Blood Pressure
HMBPHybrid Membrane Biofilm Process (wastewater management)
HMBPHuman Mannose-Binding Protein
HMBPHigh Mass Binary Pulsar
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In the following sections of this paper all compressors for HMBP and LBP are evaluated following the ASHRAE conditions detailed below.
The present compressor platform has been designed to work with HMBP applications, to cover a cooling capacity between 200 and 1100 W at a -10[degrees]C evaporation temperature, and with LBP applications, to cover a cooling capacity between 200 and 800 W at a -23.
Table 3 shows two compressor models of R-134a for HMBP applications.
Results in Table 3 show that the COP of R-134a compressors for HMBP applications decrease around 15%-20% between each one of the tested cases, while the COP of the R-404A compressors for LBP applications decreases around 25%-30% between each one of the tested cases.
Regarding efficiency, the new platform is expected to perform between the standard and the high efficiency levels on HMBP applications and should keep a good cooling capacity tendency with no important fall at low evaporating temperatures for LBP applications.