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HMBSHECM (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage) Mortgage-Backed Security
HMBSHeart, Mind, Body and Soul
HMBSHis/Her Majesty’s Bahamian Ship
HMBSHer Majesty's Bermudian Ship
HMBSHer Majesty's Burmese Ship
HMBSHundred Meter Breast Stroke
HMBSHead's Message Board System
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Diagnostic strategies for autosomal dominant acute porphyrias: retrospective analysis of 467 unrelated patients referred for mutational analysis of the HMBS, CPOX, or PPOXgene.
Genomic DNA was extracted from peripheral white blood cells, and all the 15 exons of HMBS gene were amplified.
Eight genes were selected to be evaluated as reference genes according to the literature: 18S, TBP, HMBS, YWHAZ, ACTB, HPRT1, GAPDH, and EEF1A2 (Garcia-Crespo et al.
There's a lot of paper out there," according to Fontanilla, who puts at some $20 billion the existing size of the government-insured HMBS market today--with another $10 billion of outstanding private-label investments.
The company will achieve Dh100 sales target this year as we received a good response from the market after commencing product from Jebel Ali plant in 2009," said Faisal Aziz Lilo, Regional General Manager of HMBS.
Some brief remarks are presented on the integration of HMBS into a general hypermedia design method.
News on Ginnie Mae's HMBS securitization program, risk management and outlook
HMBS Madeira then quickly deployed its sea boat and boarding team to apprehend the second Dominican vessel in 12-foot seas near the Old Bahama Channel.
5] Human genes: GAPDH, glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase; CDH1, cadherin 1, type 1, E-cadherin (epithelial); CTNNB, catenin (cadherin-associated protein), [beta]1, 88 kDa; MAX, MYC associated factor X; CDK2, cyclin-dependent kinase 2; RBL1, retinoblastoma-like 1; MYC, v-myc avian myelocytomatosis viral oncogene homolog; UBC, ubiquitin C; KRT19, keratin 19; HMBS, hydroxymethylbilane synthase; TP53I3, tumor protein p53 inducible protein 3.
The Ginnie Mac HMBS provides the mortgage-backed securities marketplace with the only full faith and credit vehicle and the only standardized structure for the securitization of FHA-insured reverse mortgages.
He is currently attached to the Engineering Department, and had the experience to work on one of the newest vessels procured under the Sandy Bottom project, HMBS Lawrence Major.