HMCAHealth and Medical Care Archive (Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research; University of Michigan)
HMCAHealth Management Corporation of America (Melville, NY)
HMCAHigh Moorland Community Action (UK)
HMCAHispanic Marketing and Communication Association (Miami, FL)
HMCAHarvard Model Congress Asia (Harvard University; Cambridge, MA)
HMCAHer Majesty's Clockwork Army (band)
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7e shows the bandwidth estimated by the HMCA using Eq.
The FESTIVE approach and HMCA are much slower than other approaches in adaptation to bandwidth changes as shown in Fig.
The 12 Stand-Up MRI centres managed by HDM together with the 11 managed by HMCA now comprise the largest network of Stand-Up MRI centre in the nation, said FONAR Corporation.
The MCA dot sign is a punctate focus of hyperattenuation located in the sylvian fissure on non-enhanced CT, and is a recently described variant of the HMCA sign.
While the HMCA sign and MCA dot sign are similar in that they both depict thromboembolus at different levels of the MCA, there are important clinical and prognostic distinctions.
Our subsidiary HMCA (Health Management Corporation of America) continues to provide FONAR with a steady source of revenue in fees from managing UPRIGHT(TM) MRI business in New York, Florida and Georgia.
The number of sites managed by HMCA that are equipped with Upright(TM) MRI scanners totalled four.
First Three HMCA - Managed Stand-Up(TM) MRI Centers contribute $1.
3 million in operating income to HMCA for the first nine months of fiscal 2004 as compared to $909,000 for the first six months of fiscal 2004.
HMCA Health Management Corporation of America (HMCA), our wholly-owned physician and diagnostic services management subsidiary, has undergone some very positive changes.
32) However, HMCAS sensitivity for MCA territory infarcts is only about 30%.