HMCCHazardous Material Control Center
HMCCHellenic Museum And Cultural Center (Chicago, Illinois)
HMCCHickory Metro Convention Center (Hickory, NC)
HMCCHealthcare Marketing and Communications Council
HMCCHouston Mission Control Center
HMCCHispanic Ministries Cultural Center (Saginaw, Michigan)
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Huynh's account as well as HMCC official narratives emphasise the disruptive effects of the monarchy's fall on imperial legacies, while the devastating effects of the two Indochina conflicts on imperial sites and practices are edited out.
His descendants, who include HMCC associates, stress that Ming Mang is the only king who has several death anniversaries and many veneration rites, held by the clan, descent sub-groupings, in related households, as well as in associated pagodas founded and sponsored by royals.
The establishment of this new joint venture is a milestone in the long-term relationship between Ericsson and HMCC.
Ericsson is currently sole supplier of GSM infrastructure to HMCC.
Flexibility sold me on Physmark's MEDICOMP software," said Nancy Drummond, director of operations for HMCC.
MEDICOMP's modern software technology has helped HMCC reduce existing overhead by increasing efficiency and reducing manual operations.