HMCFHypergolic Maintenance and Checkout Facility (US NASA)
HMCFHospital Municipal Cardoso Fontes (Brazilian hospital)
HMCFHarvest Moon Community Farm (Scandia, MN)
HMCFHigh Molecular Weight Colour Fraction
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The Arts Council's cash injection will enable the festival to remain at the cutting edge of modern music by funding a comprehensive review into the HMCF and each of its functions.
The combined committee that organized the event consisted of: Courtney Drone -- HMCF Executive Director, Kendra Zirkelbach -- HMCF Administrative Assistant, Dr.
Pre-operative visual acuity ranged from majority with only CF (1-3mts) 41.7% to a minimum of 6.7% HMCF. Others had 6/60 or less (36.7%) and PL +ve(15%).