HMCRHuntsville and Madison County Railroad Authority (Alabama)
HMCRHere's My Card Records (Toronto, Canada record label)
HMCRHattam McCarthy Reeves (Australia)
HMCRHigh Mill Church of the Resurrection (Canton, OH, USA)
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[[x.sup.nh.sub.i] [member of] {[x.sup.l.sub.i], [x.sup.2.sub.i], ..., [x.sup.HMS.sub.i]} with probability of HMCR [[x.sup.nh.sub.i] [member of] [] with probability of (1 - HMCR).
First, we set the default parameter of the harmony memory size (HMS), harmony memory consideration rate (HMCR), PAR, and the termination criterion (e.g., maximum number of iterations).
HM Harmony memory HMS Size of the HM [] The best solution in HM [p.sup.worst] The worst solution in HM HMCR Harmony memory considering rate PAR The pitch adjusting rate BW Distance bandwidth Table 3: Nomenclature for the DE algorithm.
Each value of the variable of the solution is selected from the historical values stored in the HM with possibility HMCR. That is to say, in the memory consideration, the value of the first variable ([T'.sub.1]) in the first level of the solution is selected randomly from values in the specified HM range ([T'.sup.1.sub.1] - [T'.sup.HMS.sub.1]), and the value of the first variable ([D'.sub.1]) in the second level of the solution is selected randomly from values in the HM range ([D'.sup.1.sub.1] - [D'.sup.HMS.sub.1]) with possibility HMCR.
For solving the problem, GDHS sets HMCR, PAR, few in dynamical mode, IBAFSA decodes the artificial fish into binary, sets the trial point, and reinitializes the artificial fish swarm regularly, and IABHS introduces the improvisation strategies with consideration of individual as well as dimension and self-adaptively adjusts HMCR, PAR, bw.
The database is currently updated routinely with near-real-time forecasts and reforecasts from nine data providers, namely, JMA, NCEP, BoM, ECMWF, UKMO, CMA, CNRM, CNR-ISAC, and HMCR. Data from ECCC and KMA will be available soon.
In the case of the harmony memory considering rate (hmcr), the study was restricted to 0.2, 0.5, and 0.9, whilst in the case of the pitch adjusting rate (PAR), the analysis hovered above 0.2, 0.5, and 0.8.
harmony vector (HM), number of solution vectors (HMS), number of design variables (N), HMCR, PAR and bw are defined in step1.
Memory consideration operation is to select a value from the existing good values, as shown in the left expression of Figure 2, with the probability of Harmony Memory Considering Rate (HMCR) that has a value between 0 and 1.
Decision variable value of the new harmony will be generated by choosing from the harmony memory with probability HMCR.
Determine the harmony memory size (HMS) of harmony memory (HM), the feasible solution space dimension D, the range of feasible solution [[w.sub.min], [w.sub.max]], harmony memory considering rate (HMCR), pitch adjusting rate (PAR), the maximum number of iterations [N.sub.max], the number of subharmonic memory S, and the size of each subharmonic memory G.
HM the King attended a (HMCR) parade and was briefed on the British Household Cavalry Regiment (HCMR) and was briefed on the British Household Cavalry Regiment which sits at the very heart of the rich cultural and military heritage of Britain.