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HMDSHead Mounted Displays (virtual reality)
HMDSHexamethyldisilazane (adhesive used in photo resist in VLSI process)
HMDSHelmet Mounted Display System
HMDSHusky Mounted Detection System
HMDSHospital Morbidity Data System (Department of Health; Western Australia, Australia)
HMDSHyperbolic Multi-Dimensional Scaling
HMDSHazardous Materials Data System
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Our Sensors & Information sector continues to perform strongly, with US Programs of Record progressing as deliveries on the HMDS IDIQ contract commenced.
The lab has developed three essential technologies to help companies commercialise smart glasses, or head-mounted displays (HMD): new emissive LED microdisplays, curved OLED CMOS microdisplays and retinal projection.
The main use case for VR HMDs is entertainment and gaming.
Visual Camp's core technology is eye-tracking software that can be installed on VR/AR head-mounted displays (HMDs), enabling the provision of a user interface and services significantly differentiated from those of existing HMDs.
Because head-mounted displays (HMDs) like PlayStation VR and the Oculus Rift (owned by Facebook) are now so prominent, most of us think of VR as visual.
In terms of hardware, AR/VR technology takes three forms: The first is screenless viewers that strap a smartphone screen to the user's face; the second is tethered head-mounted displays (HMDs) that connect to general-purpose compute device such as a smartphone, PC, or console; and the third is stand-alone HMDs that have the necessary compute power integrated into the display or attached to it.
Head-mounted displays (HMDs) account for only 7% of all
Head-mounted displays (HMDs) account for only 7 per cent of all wearable devices shipped in 2017, and will not reach mainstream adoption with consumers or industrial customers through 2021.
In addition, HMDs that were popular in the past primarily in the aviation industry, military, and specialized research organizations have now become affordable and accessible to the general public given their increasing popularity in the gaming industry.