HMFDHand, Foot, and Mouth Disease (virus)
HMFDHenty Machinery Field Days (Australia)
HMFDHearing, Mother Father Deaf (Child of Deaf Adults)
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Our findings demonstrated that the CVA16 SHZH05 strain may be a potentially safer CV vaccine candidate for prevention of HMFD than other available strains.
As a mild condition, HMFD does not usually require medical attention; however with any illness in young children it is best to monitor their symptoms.
A total of 2,750 (73%) of the 3,791 patients were admitted with grade 2a HMFD; however, disease in only 121 (4%) progressed to grade 2b (94 children) or further (27 children), whereas disease in 75 (22%) of 338 children admitted with grade 2b progressed to grade 3 or 4.