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For HMFs, it is most commonly computed with respect to the temporal maximum of the HMF over a single- or multi-hour period.
VISUALIZATION OF ENSEMBLE MEMBER HMFS. To complement the aggregation of member data during postprocessing to compute a single ensemble summary field (e.g., ensemble mean or NMEP), an alternative ensemble visualization approach is to present individual member data directly to the user.
Ensemble maximum HMFs. Another approach for displaying the full set of member HMFs is to plot the ensemble maximum over a relevant time bin.
A potential challenge for leveraging postage stamp plots in CAM ensemble displays is the relatively small spatial scale of important features in HMFs and similar fields.
Of particular importance is the ensemble treatment of storm-attribute HMFs like UH, updraft speed, and near-ground wind speed.
One potential approach pioneered with the NEWS-e is the display of ensemble percentile values for HMFs. In studying the responses of meteorologists surveyed on their interpretations of probabilistic and percentile-based products from the NEWS-e, Wilson et al.
Figure 1 illustrates the transformation of an ensemble HMF field to the NMEP fields plotted on the SPC HREF Ensemble Viewer.
In the next section, other approaches for HMF visualization are described that elucidate member forecasts explicitly.
Figure 6 presents an example of the member viewer on the SPC HREF Ensemble Viewer for reflectivity, with regions of HMF UH >75 [m.sup.2] [s.sup.-2] filled in translucent black to highlight simulated supercell tracks.