HMG1High Mobility Group 1 (protein)
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Construction of Mutant Erg6, Hmg1, and Cyp51A Expressed Strains
The 6 genes with mutations included erg6, encoding sterol 24-C-methyltransferase and hmg1, encoding hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA (HMG-CoA) reductase.
We examined the rest of the isolates from the patient for mutations in the hmg1 and erg6 genes.
Evaluation of Mutant erg6 and hmg1 by Transformation Considering the different level of ergosterol biosynthesis in the third set of isolates, we wanted to determine whether the mutation in erg6 and/or hmg1 genes was responsible for the phenotypes (i.e., sensitivity to polyenes and resistance to azoles).
Mutations in erg6 and hmg1 in Other Non-cyp51A Azole-Resistant Isolates
We studied whether the other non-cyp51A azole-resistant isolates possess mutations in erg6 or hmg1. Over the past decade, we have collected clinical azole-resistant A.
We isolated IFM 63772 from the same patient in addition to these isolates, and it showed moderate resistance to VRCZ, resistance to PSCZ, and no mutations in erg6 and hmg1 (Table 5).
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Uniquely, p300/ CBP can acetylate all the four histones and this HAT activity is regulated by other factors such as viral protein E1A and regulatory protein TWIST (43,44) that binds to p300 and inhibits the HAT activity but has a HAT stimulatory effect on CBR The substrate of p300/ CBP other than histones are HMG1, activators p53, GATA-1, erythroyid druppel like factor, HIV Tat, a nuclear receptor co-activator, etc.
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