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HMGICHigh-Mobility Group (Nonhistone Chromosomal) Protein Isoform I-C
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Kools et al., "HMGIC, the gene for an architectural transcription factor, is amplified and rearranged in a subset of human sarcomas," Oncogene, vol.
As noted above, the t(12;14) (q13-15, q23-24) translocation is associated with enhanced growth of fibroid tumor cells due, in part, to overexpression of HMGIC. (4)
Fusion transcripts between the HMGIC gene and RTVLH-related sequences in mesenchymal tumors without cytogenetic aberrations.
In addition, evidence exists that a critical gene located in the chromosome 12q14-q15 region may be HMGIC (now designated HMGA2), a gene encoding a member of the high-mobility group (HMG) of proteins.
(1-3) Molecular and cytogenetic studies have shown that ALT/ WDLs have ring and giant marker chromosomes that harbor amplified sequences in the 12q13-15 amplicon involving several genes including MDM2, HMGIC, CPM, CDK4, and SAS.