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HMGNHis Majesty's Government of Nepal
HMGNHemagen Diagnostics, Inc. (stock symbol)
HMGNHigh Mobility Group Nucleosome-Binding (protein)
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Community forestry development guideline 2002 (HMGN, 2002) has stated that there should be equal representation of men and women in executive committees.
On the other hand, community forestry guideline HMGN (2002) has highlighted poor and woman should be represented as equity basis.
HMGN 2000, Forest Sector Policy 2000, Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation.
Wascom Pickett circulated HMGN's letter of invitation to other missions in conjunction with the National Christian Council (NCC) of India, with a view to "establishing a Christian mission in Nepal on the widest possible cooperative basis, a combined interdenominational and international approach." (23) The NCC endorsed Pickett's proposal, and the United Christian Mission to Nepal was founded in Nagpur in March 1954.
The National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act (HMGN, 1973) was passed in 1973, early in the reign of the current ruler H.M.
First, HMGN replaced the existing forest guards by regular units of the Royal Nepalese Army in 1975 and the army has since gradually taken over responsibility for law enforcement in virtually all parks and reserves.
In the late 1980s, government policy towards conservation in general and the protected area system in particular was outlined in the National Conservation Strategy (HMGN and IUCN, 1988).
This legislation empowered HMGN to declare areas surrounding any national park or reserve as a buffer zone and for local user group committees to use 30-50 percent of park revenues for managing community forests, income generation activities, community development work and so on.
Duncan, "Differential expression of the HMGN family of chromatin proteins during ocular development," Gene Expression Patterns, vol.
The Forestry Sector Policy (HMGN 2000) mentions that 40% of the income from commercial sale of timber must be deposited in the government account (central government) but shares to local government units are not addressed.
The government has authority to impose ban on only the products from government-managed forests (HMGN 1995).
According to the Forest Act and the Regulation, the CFUGs can have a fund of their own collected through the sale of forest products and other sources such as membership fees, fines, and grants, and at least 25% of the fund has to be spent on forest development activities (HMGN 1999, amendment of the Forest Act of 1993).