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Table 1--Effect of Three Thickener Chemistries on Rheological Properties (a) Semigloss Paint HMHEC plus High High 30PVC/38VS Conventional Performance Performance HEUR HEUR #1 HEUR #2 HMHK 1.5 lb/100 gal No No Equil.
Figure 12 shows topography images comparing high-performance HEUR surface roughness and conventional HEUR with HMHEC surface roughness.
Paint 2 contains HMHEC and conventional HEUR technology.
"The result is an attractive alternative to HMHEC for thickening a full range of waterbome latex coatings, from flat to semi-gloss and across all binder types."
In many formulations, ACRYSOL DR-110 Rheology Modifier builds viscosity with noticeably better efficiency than either HMHEC or HEC, resulting in notable use-cost savings.
Table 2: CMC and HLB values of surfactants (33) Surfactant CMC (mM) CMC (wt%) HLB Triton X-45 0.11 0.0045 9.8 Triton X-100 0.24 0.0150 13.4 Triton X-102 0.28 0.022 14.4 Triton X-405 0.81 0.16 17.6 CMC, critical micelle concentration A number of studies cited above (1), (3-9), (13-15), (17), (19), (20), (22-25), (27-31) addressed the effect of surfactants on the behavior of HEUR, HASE, and HMHEC associative thickeners.
(40-46) They have been utilized to probe hydrophobic interactions in aqueous solutions of HEUR, (43) HASE, (42) HMHEC, (45) and other (44), (46) polymers.
HMHEC, HASE, and three HEUR thickeners were used in this study.
The increases in viscosity in HMHEC solutions were not as dramatic (Figure 3).