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Respondent: "hmhm...One boy sometimes we can see it coming, in his action, the way he behaves, the noises he makes..So we tend to sort ok...Let us move everybody away or takes him away for a walk, to calm him down or take him sort out of the house..
und ich mochte dass hmhm er in DIEsen situaTIOnen PH[TR] hmhm and I would like him to inject only the small I[v] ja geNAU ja I[TR] yes precisely [314] PH[v] NUR die KLEIne DOsis insuLIN SPRITZT und NICHT EINfach IRgend PH[TR] dose of insulin in these situations und not just anything [315] 568 [25:40.5] PH [v] ETwas oder da OBEN weil DAS macht unterZUckerung PH [TR] or up here because this leads to a hypo I[v] wenns HOCH ist das I[TR] if it is high is that [316] (35) 569 [25:42.3] (36) 570 [25:44.8] PH [v] geNAU also wenn er NICHTS daZU ISST.
I [TR] low says she we must find the middle PAT hmhm hmhm [206] ...
A: Ja, das weiB ich 20 es aus B: mal alles aus, weil werja 21 iBig Parteien A: hmhm B: un wenn da 22 besichtigt, und so, ne.
nobody can help Because you do you, that is not know why you see exactly where yourself in a the pains come vacuum from and what you can do about it or what the doctors can do about it 452 Hmhm, was it Were there saving face/ also a little those thoughts, building bit a kind of a well, if I compliance test, it sleep now, doesn't really nobody will matter if I do help, it should not wake up stay that way?