HMIPHer Majesty's Inspectorate of Prisons
HMIPHer Majesty's Inspectorate of Pollution (UK)
HMIPHer Majesty's Inspectorate of Probation (UK)
HMIPHierarchical Mobile Internet Protocol
HMIPHuman Mitochondrial Intermediate Peptidase (genetics)
HMIPHousing Management Improvement Programme (est. 2006; UK)
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Chief Inspector of Prisons Peter Clarke welcomed the committee's recommendations regarding scrutiny of the uptake of improvement measures outlined in He said: "It is crucial that the progress in implementing HMIP recommendations is transparent and independently verifiable.
A further area of significant concern was "purposeful activity" fell to the lowest possible HMIP assessment of "poor", with Mr Clarke observing: "For a prison of this type to have a regime where half the prisoners are locked up during the working day, with unemployed prisoners locked up for around 22 hours each day, was unacceptable.
The Secretary of State has accepted that he and his successors will be held publicly accountable for delivering an urgent, robust and effective response when HMIP assesses that treatment or conditions in a jail raise such significant concerns that urgent action is required.
Again, as multiple government inspection reports tell us (see, for example HMIP 2014, 2015), current YOI environments fail in fundamental ways to offer this opportunity to its child learners.
Otra solucion descrita por Vivaldi y Prakash (2003) propone un esquema para handover de macromovilidad para HMIP y esta basada en bi-cast.
In the nutshell Distributed dynamic HMIP architecture is best for the above discussed parameters.
HM Inspectorate of Probation (HMIP) (1998) Strategies for Effective Offender Supervision: Report of the HMIP What Works Project, Home Office, London.
30) Whereas HMIP had some 400 staff, the NRA had over 6,000, many of them engaged in flood defence and river basin management.
However, it may be significant that the HMIP was surveying reports to the Crown Court, which might be expected to contain more offences of a serious, violent or sexual nature.
In addition, HMIP regulates the disposal of radioactive waste and oversees local authorities waste disposal facilities (the latter are being phased out as part of a programme of privatisation and obligatory joint ventures).
The HMIP will probably be given agency status so that it can operate more flexibly and at arm's length from government.