HMIPv6Hierarchical Mobile Internet Protocol Version 6
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Sus areas de interes son: ingenieria de trafico, enrutamiento, redes moviles IP, MIPv6, HMIPv6, simulacion de redes, Internet, IPv6.
DP] Transmission delay of the data packet from source to destination Table 2: Assessment amongst dissimilar IP mobility protocols Protocol MIPv6 KM IPv6 HMIPv6 Criteria Mobility Scope Global Local Local/ Global Location Yes Yes No management Home Required Home Agent Home Agent.
The authors of [24] propose a cross-layer and reactive handover procedure which employs optimized movement detection and address configuration schemes based on the standard specification for HMIPv6 mobility support.
Some literatures introduce analytical comparison between MIPv6, FMIPv6, HMIPv6, and a combination of FMIPv6 and HMIPv6 [16, 17].
As LE-HPMIPv6 supports mobility management and local registration systems but the application of HMIPv6 protocol improved the handoff from MIPv6.
Even with HMIPv6, the remote HA signaling problem [5] still remains unsolved.
HMIPv6 not consider the latency associated with motion detection and configuration CoA, where FMIPv6 concentrated both subjects (HeeYoung Jung, et al.
6 shows video streaming delay based on handover schemes such as MIPv6, FMIPv6, PMIPv6, HMIPv6 and the proposed scheme when the MNs move according to Fig.
In our previous work [22] a comparative performance analysis of three layer HMIPv6 model and HMIPv6 model is done.
The HMIPv6 is to reduce the number of messages sent by a mobile node (MN) over a wireless link while maintaining an optimal route to the mobile node.
Y Wahlisch y Schmid (2003), extienden la arquitectura de HMIPv6 para soportar receptores y fuentes moviles multicast y propone una solucion denominada M-HMIPv6.
We also found out that both MIPv6 and HMIPv6 are slightly influenced by FMIPv6.