HMIRAHazardous Materials Information Review Act (Canada)
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(TAP) - Wafa Ben Khalifa, goodwill ambassador of the IISMAM Organisation in her capacity as international observer of the United National Economic and Social Council, handed over on Thursday various aids to the inhabitants of the delegation of Sawaf (Zaghouan governorate), consisting in lots of food stuff and blankets at the rate of 40 aids to each Imada for the benefit of families in need and 10 computers to the primary school in Hmira.
Encsp Epiphanes clavatula Epcla npk (Ehrenberg, 1832) Euchlanis dilatata Edil npk Ehrenberg, 1832 Euchlanis incisa incisa Einc npk Carlin, 1939 Euchlanis incisa mucronata Emuc npk (Ahlstrom, 1934) Filinia longiseta Flon pk (Ehrenberg, 1834) Gastropus hyptopus Ghyp pk Ehrenberg, 1838 Hexarthra intermedia Hbra pk brasiliensis (Hauer 1953) Hexarthra mira Hmira pk (Hudson, 1871) Horaella thomasoni Htho pk Koste, 1973 Kellicottia bostoniensis Kbost pk (Rousselet, 1908) Keratella americana Kame pk Carlin, 1943 Keratella cochlearis Kcoc pk Gosse, 1851 Keratella lenzi Klen pk (Hauer, 1953) Keratella tropica Ktro pk (Apstein, 1907) Lancinularia sp.
Under WHMIS 2015, chemical manufacturers now must list the exact concentration of a hazardous ingredient on the SDS, unless they register the CBI claim under the Hazardous Materials Information Review Act (HMIRA).