HMIRSHazardous Materials Information Resource System
HMIRSHazardous Material Incident Reporting System (transportation regulation)
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If you currently have an MSDS for Alodine 1132 from the manufacturer, I suggest you print a new one from the HMIRS website at www.
HMIRS consists of an online Web application, which is used by workers at industrial facilities to access electronic hazardous materials documents; an online administrator application, used by system administrators to maintain key online information; online CD-ROM modules, which allow off-network users to search and view documents; and a document submittal Web site, which enables suppliers and Government personnel to submit electronic MSDSs to HMIRS.
You'll go to the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) HMIRS website, where you'll find MSDS.
If your MSDS is not available on HMIRS, contact the manufacturer and request a copy via fax or e-mail.