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HMITHuman Machine Interface Technology
HMITHer Majesty's Inspector of Taxes (UK)
HMITHelmet Mounted Integrated Targeting (military equipment; various companies)
HMITHalifax Major Incident Team (Happy Valley TV series)
HMITHighest Myocardial Ischemic Threshold (cardiology)
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After each experimental period, time-matched euglycemic (E) or 4, 8, or 12 week-long diabetic rats (DB) (E4, E8, E12, DB4, DB8, and DB12, respectively) were sacrificed, and SN and dorsal root ganglia (DRG) harvested for analysis of slc5A3 (SMIT1), slcA11 (SMIT2), and slc2A13 (HMIT) mRNA expression by RT-PCR and protein levels by western blot analyses.
Peng, "Contributions in astrocytes of SMIT1/2 and HMIT to myo-inositol uptake at different concentrations and pH," Neurochemistry International, vol.
Announcing that he did not intend to offend the editor, Belinsky asked, "who doesn't know that it is possible to write wonderful poetry and at the same time be an unsuccessful journalist,?" (50) The Northern Bee lamented in exaggerated terms that Pushkin had exchanged the poet's "golden lyre" for the "squeaking, never-silent, worker's plume of the journalist" and went on to liken Pushkin's editorship of the Contemporary to a demotion in social class: "the prince of the intellect has become a slave of the masses," the poet having fallen silent, the journalist now produces "thick, heavy books of his dry and uninteresting journal." (51) The press was--once again--debneating the hmits for Pushkin's writerly activities, in this case not quite allowing the poet to turn journalist.
(2) Trade umons were legalized in Trinidad under the Trade Union Ordmance of 1932, but with c1rcumscribed nghts, and hmited legal protections.
As with his other creative pieces Borges's interviews become something akin to "literature" because they partake in the spirit of fiction; however, this quality is common in interviews and is not hmited to Borges.
When the television service reopened after the war, recording techniques were first introduced in 1947 but were hmited and expensive, and involved pointing a film camera at a TV monitor.
Setting limitations on unfunded federal mandates, so that state and local governments will have greater freedom of action, is one clear goal (a goal that was at least partially accomplished in 1995, when Congress hmited new unfunded mandates).
In contrast to the advertisers, who had only their own hmited DAR databases, the agencies had collected large bodies of trans-client data upon which they could conduct their analyses.
And Lucretius's remedy for the horror loci would have been attractive to him as well: study and the search for knowledge, resignation to the hmits of life and the inevitability of death.