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Fama and French (2015) found that HML is a redundant factor in describing average returns in their five-factor model.
The factor HML was created through return on the intersection of stocks with high book-to-market and low and high market value subtracted from return on the intersection of stocks with low book-to-market and low and high market value.
HML will purchase the entire share capital of FPM for an initial consideration of GBP 2.
FPM, like HML, focuses on local private residential properties and manages over 4,000 residential units in 72 estates and blocks of flats.
The Sigpack HMUL or HML is available either with ultrasonic or heat sealing technology.
Thus, for the first time we take account of the findings of the studies showing the predictive ability of foreign exchange movements for stock returns and do not confine our analysis only to the MRP, SMB, HML and WML but enhance the empirical model by including the foreign exchange risk factor which has been previously ignored by Liew and Vassalou (2000) and Hanhard and Ansotegui (2008).
Additionally, the average monthly returns on zero-cost portfolios; SMB, HML, HEMLE, HSMLS, HDMLD, IML and WML are -0.
Gal Nagar's HML Developments is developing a boutique condo on the Greenpoint waterfront.
The temperature of the HML treatment increased much more promptly than in the other two treatments.
In other words, SMB and HML are returns on zero-cost market-neutral long/short portfolios formed based on size and value characteristics.
HML is the professional private management and operating company for the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre ("HKCEC").