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HMLHämeenlinna (Finland)
HMLHigh Minus Low (Book to Market Value ratio)
HMLHigher Mass Limits (scheme for managing vehicle loading on Australian freight roads)
HMLHybrid Mail Language
HMLHelp Markup Language (Samaritan)
HMLHuman-Machine Language
HMLHot Mockup Laboratory
HMLHit My Line
HMLHigh School Mailing List (ACT, Inc.)
HMLHarmonie Musicale de Lachenaie (Terrebonne, Québec, Canada)
HMLHaags Montessori Lyceum (school; Netherlands)
HMLHazardous Material List
HMLHawaii Medical Library
HMLHuman Media Lab
HMLHigh Medium Low
HMLHellfire Missile Launcher
HMLHelp Me Lord
HMLHate My Life
HMLHard Money Lender (real estate)
HMLHard Mobile Launcher
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The extent of DM loss significantly increased when deterioration occurred to the HML treatment at 30 d (p < 0.
Research shows that those larger issues, outside the classroom, are serious threats to student learning," noted HML Executive Director Jack McKay.
The HML (High Minus Low) portfolio represents a zero-investment portfolio that is long in high book-to-market stocks (so-called "Value" stocks) and short in low book-to-market stocks (so-called "Growth" stocks).
As the model predicts, the market beta of HML is positive (0.
Meanwhile, the north/south divide in England is "alive and well", the director of business intelligence at HML, Damian Riley, said.
Figure 3 plots the index of cumulative holding-period returns of the HML portfolio.
HML CEO, Andrew Jones, said that the increasing threat from crimes like fraud and money laundering requires a robust solution that will keep HML ahead of growing risks from organised crime.
The HML publications are research-based, are carefully crafted, and are delivered via email as downloadable .
HML (high minus low) is the difference each month between the simple average of the returns on the two high-BE/ME portfolios and the average of the returns on the two low-BE/ME portfolios.
The number of people defaulting on home loans is set to rise by seven per cent, according to HML which manages pounds 43 billion-worth of mortgages on behalf of 50 financial institutions.
Some 47% of properties repossessed will be in terraces, according to a report by financial outsourcing company HML, which estimates that Wales will have the second highest rate of any UK region during the year.