HMLAMarine Light/Attack Helicopter Squadron (US DoD)
HMLAHigh Maturity Lead Appraiser
HMLAHelicopter Marine Light Attack (squadron)
HMLAHigh, Medium and Low Altitude
HMLAHousing Mortgage Lending Agency (homeowner's assistance; various locations)
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Tenders are invited for Improvement ot LT networks at Rangil Nagbal, Haji Mohalla Krishnar Waliwar & providing ot power supply to newly constructed houses at Gassipora Gadoora under (CDF of HMLA Ganderbal Constituency) 2017-18 Document Purchase Start date : 14 Nov 2017 Document Purchase End date : 13 Dec 2017 Opening date : 14 Dec 2017 Period of contract : 15 days
The procurement of the AH-1Z for replacement of the AH-1W in the HMLA squadrons has been proceeding at a slower pace due to the priority of replacing the UH-1N with the UH-1Y.
Spencer (one of our civilian simulator instructors, and a former AH-1W pilot and HMLA squadron and MAG commanding officer) in my head calmly telling me to look at Nr before I did anything else.