HMLRHopkins Marine Life Refuge (Stanford University; Palo Alto, CA)
HMLRHereditary Myopathy of Labrador Retrievers (muscle disorder)
HMLRHis/Her Majesty's Land Registry
HMLRHolden Museum of Living Reptiles (Detroit Zoo; Detroit, MI)
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"The second reason relates to application being at HMLR, but we are not able to process it because of defects and outstanding issues.
The second regression analysis was a hierarchical multiple linear regression (HMLR) with demographics and PAP entered at step 1 and the PS categories entered at the second step.
a smaller,leaner, flexible, average saving may not be "HMLR raiseafee for this ALand Registryspokesman saysthat a reductioninfees enables themto passonsavings.
Contract:Technical design and project management of lift replacement project at hmlr croydon office the 8-floor croydon office currently operates three mid-range univers machine room less lifts manufactured, designed and maintained by thyssenkrupp (and supplied from france).