HMLVHigh Mix, Low Volume
HMLVHigher Mass Limit Vehicle (Austraia)
HMLVHighly Maneuverable Lethal Vehicle
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HMLV requires enhanced organization and process discipline to embrace a high degree of multitasking.
As for those EMS firms who brand themselves as offering both services, an HMLV provider has a much better chance of successfully providing LMHV services than that of an LMHV provider attempting to provide HMLV services.
However, many large EMS players have reduced their engagement criteria in consideration of the slow economy, and now we're seeing large EMS providers scrapping over HMLV work.
The large EMS company's salesperson may assure his/her potential customers that the company specializes in HMLV, but remember that this sales professional is financially rewarded for bringing in business.
SMEs are often within niche and specialized production, based on key technologies, which often results in High-Mix Low-Volume (HMLV) production.
Based on literature and practical cases this paper is pointing at generic challenges and solutions to SMEs focusing at HMLV production, however the challenges and solutions are different depending on the evolution stage of an SME.