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HMMHidden Markov Model
HMMHeroes of Might and Magic (gaming)
HMMMarine Medium Helicopter Squadron (US DoD)
HMMHardware Maintenance Manual
HMMHex Mica Module
HMMHazardous Materials Management
HMMHeavy Metal Maniacs
HMMHealth Ministers Meeting (various organizations)
HMMHome Management of Malaria (health strategy)
HMMHyundai Merchant Marine Co.
HMMHand Maid May (anime)
HMMHotel/Motel Management (hospitality education)
HMMHeidelberger Medical Marketing (Heidelberg; Germany)
HMMHelicopter Marine Medium
HMMHeavy Magic Missile (Tibia game)
HMMHand Maid Mai (anime)
HMMHousemate Match (Atlanta, Georgia)
HMMHex MICA Module (Cisco; contains 6 modems)
HMMHalf Molecule Model
HMMHarmonie municipale de Mâcon
HMMl'Harmonie Municipale de Monthermé
HMMHub Management Module (Black Box)
HMMHeavy Meromysin
HMMHatch Mott MacDonald Group, Inc. (engineering consulting firm; Millburn, NJ)
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"An HMM is a doubly stochastic process with an underlying stochastic process that is not observable (it is hidden), but can only be observed through another set of stochastic processes that produce the sequence of observed symbols."
HHBlits produces HMM file as output which is then used by our feature extraction method to generate monogram and bigram features.
In this stage, continuous observations of a vehicle are compared with number of competing models (HMM metastates) to determine the most likely driver behavior metastate in the DSS that caused the continuous observed vehicle trajectory.
We firstly provide insight into the essential features of an HMM model that help to improve the model's expressiveness as a stochastic process [16].
3.2 Trajectory prediction method and route recommendation system framework based on HMM
Stable filler (MMT, MWCNT, or HMM) dispersion prepared by the method mentioned above was then mixed with the polymer solution and stirring was further continued for another 3 h to ensure thorough mixing and good dispersion of the filler in the polymer phase.
Container transport volume growth ranged from 3% for Maersk Line to 30% for HMM, and economic and trade growth should support further increases in 2018.
Analysts say the massive HMM order, the first in seven years, will help local shipbuilders that have been going through restructuring.
(HMM), plans to order 20 mega container ships to better compete in the global market, it said.
Specialist multipurpose carriers and long-standing collaborators, AAL and Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM), are entering into a global cooperation that will see both carriers expand their trade route coverage, sailings frequency, and MPV fleet capacity.
State sequence for the Hidden Markov Model (HMM) is invisible but we can track the most likelihood state sequence based on the model parameter and a given observational sequence.
[4] proposed an HMM underwater target classifier with spectral features and Rayleigh fading channel compensation, which highlights the probabilistic approach of HMM in effectively modeling the random temporal fluctuations in underwater acoustic scenario compared to other supervised classifiers.