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HMMHidden Markov Model
HMMMarine medium helicopter squadron (US DoD)
HMMHardware Maintenance Manual
HMMHyundai Merchant Marine Co.
HMMHand Maid May (anime)
HMMHelicopter Marine Medium
HMMHeavy Magic Missile (Tibia game)
HMMHand Maid Mai (anime)
HMMHousemate Match (Atlanta, Georgia)
HMMHex MICA Module (Cisco; contains 6 modems)
HMMHalf Molecule Model
HMMl'Harmonie Municipale de Monthermé
HMMHarmonie municipale de Mâcon
HMMHub Management Module (Black Box)
HMMHeavy Meromysin
HMMHatch Mott MacDonald Group, Inc. (engineering consulting firm; Millburn, NJ)
HMMHazardous Materials Management
HMMHotel/Motel Management (hospitality education)
HMMHeroes of Might and Magic (gaming)
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HMM said plans are still being made to issue the bonds, but the Korean media has cited financial sector sources that said the issuance will be valued at KRW310 billion (USD265.
HMM has been introduced at PTCL in collaboration with GEM Learning, the official local partner of Harvard Business School Publishing, a wholly owned subsidiary of Harvard University.
HMM will provide reimbursement for educational assistance and professional development for full-time personnel who have completed six months or more of service.
For MetroTop Plaza II, which was completed and readied for fit-out at the end of 2011, the HMM signing marks the building's 100 percent lease-up in just nine months.
HMM was carried out in a batch mixer Brabender FE-2000 (Messrs.
For Building a normal behaviour Profile we will train HMMs on the code and data segments since they are our target at knowing how the suspected program behave, we have neglected the header of the program since they will not help us in building the profile quickly but will be a burden and an extra effort on HMM to compute every time while comparing probabilities.
In this section we first give a brief introduction to the concept of HMM and its application on IE.
The decoder built on these HMM phone models performs a combination of Viterbi and multi-stack decoding [4].
This team is a joint venture between Hatch Mott MacDonald, LLC (HMM), URS and Arup, with HMM as the lead firm.
The gantry will operate at the HMM booth, marking the first time HMM has shown the technology publicly.
HMM had formed a consortium with Pan Ocean to bid for the KEPCO tender in mid-2013.