HMMAHyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama LLC
HMMAHollow Metal Manufacturers Association (National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers)
HMMAHydroxy-Methoxy Mandelic Acid (microbiology)
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In particular, HMMA shows no less superior productivity than HMC's original plants in Korea.
However, MDMA and HMMA are not on the WADA List of Specified Substances.
HMMA is working with DuPont and PPG in the facility.
HMMA stimulates the release of vasopressin, a hormone that encourages the body to retain water.
Parallel to the effort by HMMA, an ASTM task group on detention hollow metal was hard at work developing an ASTM test method for swinging detention door assemblies.
To date, several pharmacokinetic studies in blood and urine after controlled MDMA administration to humans have been performed, mainly focused on MDMA and MDA (1) or additionally HMMA and HMA (22-24).
Already well on her way, Madison Rose has had many accomplishments from being featured in Music Connection Magazine as one of the Hot 100 artists, to her first single, "Teenage Runaway", being nominated for best pop song of the year by the HMMA.
The HMMA 2012 awards celebrity hosts include Blockbuster film star Eric Roberts, former Matchbox 20 member Adam Gaynor and Rock-star Supernova and Guns n' Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke.
Nora Felder and Budd Carr, the series Californication music supervisors and soundtrack co-producers, recently received the HMMA (Hollywood Music in Media Award) for Outstanding Music Supervision in TV.