HMMPHyper Media Management Protocol
HMMPHypermedia Management Protocol
HMMPHazardous Materials Management Plan
HMMPHazardous Material Management Program (US military)
HMMPHazardous Materials Management Process
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1 mM T produced the highest HMMP (P < 0.05) in relation to the control and LC5 groups.
Following these business practices, the first step in developing the Fort Campbell HMMP was establishing a single supply point on the installation through which all hazardous materials are processed, issued, and stored.
To accommodate combat soldiers' potential around-the-clock needs, the HMMP at Fort Campbell is networked into the installation emergency operations center.
As part of their HMMP, the installation's acquisition and logistics program managers adopted a centralized approach for managing hazardous materials.
As a result of implementing this HMMP, the Fort Campbell staff earned two prestigious White House "Closing the Circle" awards for "Greening the Government." The awards were made in the categories of model facility demonstration and education and outreach.
As of July 2002, the HSMS initial operating capability had been fielded at 65 Army installations in and outside of the continental United States as part of the installations' HMMPs. Sites using HSMS represent the full spectrum of Army installations.
The Holy Mary Memorial Park (HMMP) here "voluntarily entered into the [memorandum of agreement (MOA)] in the service of their fellow Angelenos, following the Catholic Church's teachings of charity and preferential treatment for the poor, and not because of any legal compulsion to do so," Robin Nepomuceno, HMMP president, said.
A novel hydra matrix metalloproteinase (HMMP) functions in extracellular matrix degradation, morphogenesis and the maintenance of differentiated cells in the foot process.
Fort Collins, Colo.'s Poudre Fire Authority developed HMMP 2.0, a software package that makes hazardous-materials reporting a snap for local businesses and arms firefighters with the data they need for strategic disaster response.